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Our Categories Explained


Our beers are first organized into three broader categories according to their general price, and then rated according to a 5 star system. Here is an overview of what our categories stand for.

  • Cheap– These are your ubiquitous buck-a-beer brands and other discount brews. Typically featuring more adjunct additives (such as corn and rice) and poorer quality ingredients, these beers are inexpensive for both producer and purchaser.

  • Moderate– Encompassing higher end domestics, imports and even some craft beers, these “premium” beers promise better quality and are therefore slightly more expensive. This is by far our largest category of beer and the hardest to achieve a high rating in.

  • Pricey– These are predominantly your high end imports, seasonal brews and craft beers. These are typically not sold in the standard 6 pack format, and may not always be available at your local beer/liquor store. As you will likely be paying considerably more money to sample one of these beers, only the highest quality ingredients and craftsmanship is to be expected.
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