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Miller Genuine Draft

May 31, 2009


MGD: A Genuine Don’t

Anthony Says:

IMG_0790 MGD will probably always be equated in my mind with being a precocious high schooler; traveling with friends to Montreal on March Break to take advantage of Quebec’s lower drinking age. As warm and fuzzy as these memories may seem (they aren’t), fading recollections of underage over-consumption really don’t do any favors for MGD. Thus, youthful indiscretions aside, in this review I revisit the iconic brew of my teenage past.

Resisting the temptation to drink straight out the bottle (for old times sake, of course) I poured one out into a flute glass. Having never drank MGD from a glass before, I was struck by how light the complexion of this beer is. Part strawberry blonde and part faded shade of gold, it better resembles a witbier than a lager; extreme carbonation coupled with an almost complete lack of head gave me the impression of sparkling wine. A vague hop scent mixed with something akin to an industrial air freshener provides for an unpleasantly “fresh” aroma.

Upon first taste I was rather surprised to encounter a completely flat, almost syrupy mouth feel that really doesn’t correspond with the aforementioned high carbon appearance. The actual flavor of this beer is perhaps even more uninspiring. While some faded malts are discernible, there is virtually no hops presence; an initial sweetness subsides in a mild “creamed corn” aftertaste characteristic of adjunct infused brews. While its complete lack of a flavor profile and watery consistency actually grants MGD a measure of drinkability while cold, it seems to get increasingly sticky and even slightly astringent as it warms up.

The overall experience of drinking this beer reminded me of being given warm flat ginger ale after getting sea sick while whale watching in New England. At the very least, I suppose it clarified why I liked MGD in my youth, when the priority was drinking something that could be easily consumed and quickly raised one’s blood-alcohol level. At this point of my life, however, chugability is perhaps lower on my list of qualities that makes for a good beer. Further considering MGD’s not inexpensive price point, I’d say this is a brew best left to the past.



Gatlin Says:


IMG_0791This is not a beer that I have ever really drank; certainly never purchased. After this review and recent tasting, I don’t think that will be changing any time soon.

Technical Rundown:

  • Container: 341 mL clear glass bottle
  • Alcohol: 4.70% by volume
  • Colour: 2 SRM
  • Bitterness: 12 IBU


Virtually no head generation occurred during the pour. The little that was produced did not hang around for long- quickly reducing to a small, medium sized bubble ring. There was no lacing.

This beer is extremely light in colour and almost resembles club soda spiked with a tiny drop of yellow food colouring. High carbonation was visible at the start, but quickly faded to an overall flat appearance.

The smell is also extremely light. The only
perceivable scent is a slight malty-sweet adjunct smell which has an undertone reminiscent of perming solution. No hops smell is discernible.

The taste up front is weak and has little depth or substance. The flavours on the finish effectively mirror the smell: sweet, cooked-corn or rice. The mouthfeel is light and watery. In general, the taste of MGD barely even resembles beer. Given the lightness of smells, flavours and mouthfeel, this beer could be drinkable- if only these smells and flavours weren’t totally repugnant.



Some Final Thoughts

Anthony Thinks:


  • Can be rather refreshing if served ice cold
  • Easy drinking beer, goes down much as it tastes (like water)
  • Appropriate means for hydration on a hot summer day


  • Complete lack of flavor
  • Price point not particularly cheap
  • Syrupy when warmf

2 stars overall. The only thing keeping this dismal and pricey brew from an outright failing score is the fact that between its low alcohol content and virtually non-existent taste, I’d be tempted to mistake it for water

Gatlin Thinks:


  • May help to stave off dehydration if no other suitable beverages are available
  • If served ice cold and consumed quickly it could be rather refreshing


  • For the same price you could buy something which actually tastes like beer and is made with actual beer ingredients- namely, hops and barley
  • The adjunct flavour and smell are so overwhelming it makes one wonder how healthy it is to consume this beverage


Overall this is a 2 star light lager. While not quite a beer that you proceed to drain-pour after opening, it is one that must be drunk quick, cold and probably out of necessity.

So, What’s On Your Mind?

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  1. June 20, 2010 4:49 pm

    Well, I’d recommend ONLY drinking this product on draft or out of the can, as the clear bottle can cause spoilage. That aside, I like it, and find that it holds its own against any other popularly-priced beer.

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